Foundations of Psychoanalytic Thought is a two-year innovative program of study comprising a core curriculum. This program is designed for a wide variety of students who are interested in advancing their understanding of human development and functioning. Students are introduced to the evolution of psychoanalytic theory and practice. The program is focused on contemporary psychoanalytic theories and techniques and the basic tenets that have historically characterized psychoanalytic thought: that we have a dynamic unconscious, that we have thoughts, feelings and fantasies worthy of study and that experiences from early life stay with us into adulthood.  We think “talk therapy” is the best approach for addressing many psychological problems.

We welcome students from varied professional backgrounds including psychiatry, psychology, social work, allied professionals and those from academia. This diverse group comes together and creates a vibrant educational community.

For clinicians interested in a formal psychoanalytic education, our two-year Foundations program is required before completing a course of study in psychoanalytic psychotherapy (a total of three years) or psychoanalysis (a total of five years). Our non-clinical students are welcome to participate in our two-year curriculum as a stand-alone program.  All students are free to decide on a direction of study at any time in the first two years of training while matriculating. 

Classes take place from September to June and are offered on Tuesday evenings from 6 pm – 9 pm .

Scholarships are available.