Adult Psychoanalytic Program: Admissions

Adult Psychoanalytic Training Application
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Applicants should complete an application and supply an autobiography, a case report, and a copy of their license and malpractice insurance. A $300 application fee should also be submitted. You can mail this to the PCOP office or pay online here (please note in the comments that the payment is an application fee). Upon receipt, the Admissions Committee Chair will be notified and will contact the applicant. The applicant will might then be asked to supply recommendations and transcripts. All information submitted during the application process will be held in confidence. Accepted applicants will be asked to sign a code of ethics. 

After all application materials have been received, the Admissions Committee Chair will notify three committee members who will interview the applicant. The Admissions Committee Chair is available to answer questions about the application process. An applicant may also request the opportunity to speak informally and confidentially with a recent graduate or an advanced candidate about any aspect of the application process or psychoanalytic training.

The application deadline for fall admission is June 30. Please email the completed application form and supporting materials to [email protected].


Application Requirements

Clinical Applicants

All applicants must possess personality characteristics essential to a psychoanalyst. These include the capacity for empathy and introspection, a sensitivity to psychological issues, and the requisite emotional maturity to conduct analytic treatment. The Admissions Committee will consider the applicant’s previous academic performance, previous clinical experience, and the current clinical activity and level of clinical competence.

Individuals who have demonstrated outstanding research or equivalent achievement in a related discipline may apply for psychoanalytic training. The evaluation will include an assessment of the applicant’s capacity to develop the necessary skills to do psychoanalytic work. Research or equivalent activities or achievements will be evaluated in place of clinical qualifications.

Academic Applicants

Applications are welcome from individuals who desire only the didactic portion of the psychoanalytic training. 

Transfer Applicants

Candidates enrolled in any Institute affiliated with the American Psychoanalytic Association may apply for transfer to the Center’s Institute. The applicant shall give satisfactory evidence of training and understanding suitable to the status for which he or she is applying.


Tuition and Funding

Adult Tuition: $4,500 (years 1–5); $1,950 (years 6+)
Supervision (for up to 180 hours during the course of your training): $1,500 (years 2-5)
Leave of Absence:
 $500 per year
Affiliate Member Dues: $166

Scholarship and Financial Aid Opportunities