Child Psychotherapy and Psychoanalytic Training Program

Child Program Director
Christie Huddleston, MD

The subtle meanings of a child’s or adolescent’s inner world are often overlooked in many treatments. Our four-year program provides an in-depth understanding of this inner world. It explores the principles and techniques essential to child psychoanalytic psychotherapy and child psychoanalysis through a comprehensive understanding of various models of the mind, developmental perspectives, as well as clinical assessment and technique from an analytic point of view.


The first two years of the Child Integrated Psychoanalytic Psychotherapies program train students in psychodynamic psychotherapy. Students may complete the psychotherapy portion of the program after the initial two years, or may opt to continue into to the psychoanalytic portion of the program for an additional two years.

Child Integrated Students/Candidates also receive benefits as part of their involvement in the training program. Student benefits include:

  • Inclusion in Find A Therapist online search portal
  • Opportunity for referrals from Consultation and Referral Service
  • Personal PEP Web access
  • CE/CME credits from PCOP-sponsored activities at no additional cost
  • Basic Benefits

Candidate benefits include all of the above, plus eligibility to vote at Members’ Meetings (Clinical Candidates only).

Candidates are also invited to apply for Affiliate Membership in the American Psychoanalytic Association. Upon graduation, candidates then become full members of the Center. Upon graduation they become members of the American and are eligible to apply for certification in psychoanalysis by the American’s Board on Professional standards.