PCOP does not offer a formal distance learning program, but will consider qualified applicants under special circumstances, such as having a disability or illness that precludes attending in person. In addition, qualified international or non-local applicants without access to a local institute, and with proficiency in English, will be considered if PCOP is able to provide analysis and supervision, or if the applicant can secure qualified analysts to provide those functions.


Applicants to the Clinical Track must be licensed in a mental health field except in the following circumstances: Graduate students or those requiring post-graduate supervision may also be admitted if they will become license-eligible in the future.


Non-clinically trained applicants may be accepted for the Academic or Non-Clinical track of either the Adult Psychotherapy or Psychoanalytic Training Program. Applicants for the Academic or Non-Clinical Track are required to obtain personal treatment as required by their program but are not required to obtain supervision.  For these applicants to the Psychoanalytic Program, the personal analyst need not be a TA/PA/SA analyst, and the analysis need not be current.