Consultation and Referral Service

The Consultation and Referral Service offers evaluation and referral services by the members of the Center, who are extensively trained and highly skilled psychiatrists, psychologists, and social workers. All of our members have completed or are pursuing rigorous post-graduate training as psychoanalysts or psychoanalytically oriented psychotherapists. Treatment is provided in the private offices of our members, throughout the Delaware Valley and Montgomery County. Services are provided for adults, adolescents, and children with a wide range of difficulties, such as depression, anxiety, school failure, relationship problems, or life adjustment. A sliding scale is available on request.

Engaging in psychoanalytic psychotherapy or psychoanalysis can help you understand and resolve the difficulties of persistent emotional problems. Persistent emotional problems are expressed in many ways:

  • sadness, anxiety, and loneliness
  • shame and guilt
  • ongoing worries, doubts, and ruminations
  • dysfunctional patterns of emotional reactivity in work and/or relationships
  • disturbing symptoms of diagnosed psychiatric illness

Meeting with a psychoanalytic psychotherapist or psychoanalyst not only relieves suffering and improves coping skills, but can also lead to increased self-confidence, well-being and creativity.

You and your therapist will collaborate to determine the best frequency of sessions based on your individual situation. The goal will be to provide the time needed to develop the safe, confidential, and caring treatment relationship that will allow you to explore and understand your inner life.

We strongly believe that psychoanalytic treatment is the best approach for a full and lasting resolution of persistent emotional problems because it leads to a rewiring of entrenched patterns. Research has demonstrated that although other kinds of treatments can be helpful, a psychoanalytic approach offers the best opportunity for sustaining the benefits beyond the life of the therapy.