Financial Aid and Scholarship Opportunities

If you have any questions about scholarships, please email Kevin McCarthy, PhD, at [email protected] Please include "PCOP Scholarship" in your email subject line.

Patricia Claffie Fund

Each year, annual tuition grants of up to $3,500 are available to Clinical Social Workers enrolled in any of the psychoanalytic or psychotherapy programs. Students may reapply for this grant but may only receive the grant twice.

Foundation Scholarships

The Foundation Scholarships are intended to facilitate the enrollment and attendance of an applicant who otherwise would not enroll in the program. Amounts available may vary and are based on the amount of unrestricted funds available to the Foundation at the end of a given fiscal year. The amounts may be shared among multiple qualified applicants. Students can reapply for these scholarships every year.

Henri Parens Hope Scholarship

This scholarship has been established to assist financially challenged students who plan to apply psychoanalytic knowledge to the understanding of social problems with the intention to improve the life of humans, especially children. Up to $1,400 will be awarded each year. Applicants may receive this scholarship more than once, but they must re-apply each year.

Resident Education Fund

This fund is awarded to one psychiatry resident or fellow from the Philadelphia area who has been accepted in the Adult Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Program each year. This scholarship will cover tuition for as many years as the student is in a psychotherapy program, meaning that the student would receive tuition for all three years of the psychotherapy program. Students who receive the award will need to write a statement every year to demonstrate financial need in order to continue to receive funding.


Edward L. Hicks, MD, Scholarship Fund

This scholarship has been established to assist students with a demonstrated financial need and desire to train. 

Criteria for the Above Scholarships (Claffie, Foundation, Parens, Hicks, Resident Education Fund)

1. Enrollment in a PCOP training program (FOPT, psychotherapy program, psychoanalytic program, or child integrated program).
2. Demonstration of how participation in the named training program will support your planned career development.
3. Demonstration of financial need through description of current income level (1040 or similar financial document to be attached). Significant savings (investments, trust funds, etc.) will be taken into account.  



The Biddle Loan

The Biddle Loan Fund is available for tuition support for psychoanalytic and psychotherapy students. The interest is based on the prime rate currently in effect at the time of application less 1%.

Psychoanalytic Candidates:

The maximum available to each candidate is $15,000. Candidates can receive yearly installments of up to $5,000, with monthly repayment of principal to begin no later than the end of the fourth year of candidacy.

Psychotherapy Students:

The maximum available to each student is $4,000. Students can receive yearly installments of up to $2,000, with monthly repayment of principal to begin no later than the end of the second year of enrollment in the program.

The Candidate Assistance Fund of the American Psychoanalytic Association

Loans up to $5,000 are provided to candidates training to be psychoanalysts. The loans are to be repaid within a maximum of six years. There are two criteria considered in approving a loan: the need as evidenced by an applicant’s financial need and the ability to repay the loan as evidenced by the applicant’s overall financial health. Eligibility is based on APsaA Affiliate Membership in good standing, the completion of one year of training, and demonstrated financial need.

Application: Email Dean Stein, APsaA’s Executive Director, for an application form at [email protected] See APsaA website for application deadline.

Psychotherapy to Psychoanalytic Tuition Discount

Any PPTP student/graduate who is accepted for psychoanalytic training at PCOP will be eligible for a scholarship/tuition discount. If the candidate has completed one year of psychotherapy training, he/she will receive one year’s tuition discount; if the candidate has completed two years of psychotherapy training, then he/she will receive two years’ tuition discount. Because the annual psychoanalytic tuition payments are made in two equal installments, the discount will be split in half and applied to each semester’s payment, meaning if a student paid $2100 for one year's tuition in the PPTP program, that student would receive a $1,050 discount in the fall and a $1,050 discount in the spring for training in the psychoanalytic program.

The only exception to this discount is if a student received the Resident Education Fund during his or her training in the psychotherapy program. If this was received, the student is not eligible for the psychotherapy to psychoanalytic tuition discount.


Important Information

  • The application deadline is June 15 for current students and July 15 for incoming students.
  • All applications will be reviewed by the scholarship committee. Scholarships will be announced the first week of August.
  • If someone is in financial need at the beginning of a training program and continues to be in need as he/she continues in the training program, the Scholarship Committee will take the person’s ongoing need into account as he/she continues in the training program. Therefore, if he/she applies a second time for a scholarship, the Committee will consider the ongoing need and recognizes the importance of the applicant’s being able to complete the training program in which he/she is enrolled. However, all applicants must recognize that the Committee will give equal weight to new applicants, who may rely on scholarships to begin their training.
  • The Scholarship Committee will work to ensure that applicants who are in need are funded during their whole training program experience (although this cannot be guaranteed), especially if opportunities to increase their income won’t expand until later in their career development. The Resident Education Fund is the only scholarship that will fund an applicant for as long as he/she is in the program (one, two, or three years).


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