Psychoanalytic Fellowship

The Psychoanalytic Fellowship sponsored by the Psychoanalytic Center of Philadelphia is an academic honor awarded to individuals in the academic (i.e., philosophy, literature the arts, etc.), psychiatric, psychological, or social work community who show outstanding interest in psychoanalytic studies.  The one-year Fellowship is highly selective; therefore applicants are carefully screened by the committee.  A second year of Fellowship is available to Fellows for further study.  There is no application fee. Applications due June 30.

The Fellowship includes exposure to psychoanalytic concepts through discussion with psychoanalytic mentors.  The mentors are selected from the membership of the Psychoanalytic Center of Philadelphia.  Each Fellow has defined a specific focus of study for the year and will meet monthly with the mentors during the year to study and discuss selected specific topics.

The Fellowship emphasizes our Center and psychoanalysis as a valued resource to the academic and clinical communities. We want to enrich the Fellows’ views and knowledge about psychoanalysis and enrich ourselves by their presence.

In addition to the mentorship, the Fellows are entitled to audit one class each year in the Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Training Program or one class in the Psychoanalytic Training program (upon instructor approval). They also receive the following benefits:

  • Personal PEP Web access
  • CE/CME credits from PCOP-sponsored activities at no additional cost
  • Basic Benefits

Fellowship Tuition (Per Year): $500


Application Guidelines