Fellowship for Psychoanalytic Study

The Fellowship for Psychoanalytic Study sponsored by the Psychoanalytic Center of Philadelphia is a program offered to individuals in the mental health field  (such as psychiatric, psychological, social work) or in academia (such as philosophy, literature, sociology, anthropology, education and the arts) who have a strong interest in the field of psychoanalysis. The Fellowship offers the applicant an opportunity to pursue their interest with our experienced teaching faculty.  Once your application is submitted, you will be contacted by a member of the Fellowship Committee for an interview. There is no application fee. Applications are reviewed and Fellows accepted between April and August of each year.  

Becoming a Fellow has two primary benefits: a connection to our highly trained faculty through mentorship and access to our vast network of resources.  

The core of the Fellowship program is the mentorship. Our mentors are selected from our faculty or our advanced psychoanalytic clinicians and matched with each Fellow. Fellows and Mentors will meet monthly throughout the academic year. Each Fellow is encouraged to define a specific focus of study and collaborate with their Mentor to determine how they wish to utilize their monthly meetings. 

Fellowship also includes the opportunity to learn about psychoanalytic concepts through our forums and conferences with the benefit of CE/CME credit if offered. Fellows are provided with access to PepWeb, an online library that has an extensive collection of psychoanalytic journals and other psychoanalytic material. Fellows will have the privileges of the basic member benefits of our organization and may choose to audit one of the courses in which we train future psychoanalytic clinicians.  

A second year of Fellowship is available to Fellows for further study. 

The Fellowship is an exceptional opportunity offered by the Psychoanalytic Center making it an invaluable resource to the academic and clinical communities. Upon completion of the program, Fellows are invited to be members of the Psychoanalytic  Center of Philadelphia or to pursue additional training. We are excited for the new  class of Fellows and welcome your application submission. 

 TUITION: $700